Saturday, December 23, 2006

Just the two of us

Graham and I got out for longish run today along the Bitton railyway cycle path. It was my longest run since the marathon - about 15k. We took it easy and all in all it was a good run. I'm out for another easy run tomorrow before a rest day and then Clevedon.

It's official - I'm now a vet!!!! Yes that's right, M35 today. Not many races host the category - and quite right too because 35 is way to young to be classed a vet - I'm still getting quicker for pities sake. I can't be classed a vet or I'll have to get out my pipe, smoking jacket and slippers. All this equality stuff has gone entirely too far. I don't want to be a vet and I not going to be one - I'm too damn young. I'll be able to enter the South West Vets Championships in the coming year. Am I going to? Hell no. To my mind I'm not really a vet for another five years.

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