Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Down at the dingley dell

Or in English - Coombe Dingle. The rain held off - must have been me lucky underpants to be sure. Thought we were in for a wet one but in the end conditions were pretty good if a little blustery. I run marathons in blustery conditions so a we bit o training in such conditions is no problem.

I was pleased with the way I went tonight. The session was a trifle complicated. A six and a half minute effort, followed by 30s recovery and then a one minute blast followed by 90s recovery. Then repeat but with a six instead of six and a half and trying to run as far as the first pair. Still with me? Well you're a better man than me if you are! Then we did basically the same but with a 4:15 and a 4 then a 2:10 and 2. Each long was followed quickly by the 1 minute blast. I must admit I missed out on the two's but my reduced session was still 25 minutes of hard running which I think is enough for me at the moment.

Anyway, I think I should be recovered and fit for tomorrow's track session. Let the hard work continue....

PS, managed to get down the gym today for an upper body and abs workout. There was heavy traffic to contend with yet again but I got there in time for a quick half hour before moving on to the Coombe session.

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