Thursday, December 21, 2006

Four Hill Christmas Special

Tonight's hill session over at Sneyd Park was different from the normal one. I'd never run this one before. It was Mike's four hill Christmas special. 2 sets of 4 different hills. The last one of the set was the normal hill loop so you could use it to gauge your performance. I ran the last one in 3:51 on the first set and 3:45 on the second. I put in a real effort on that last one, stumbled a couple of times with the tiredness, but it was worth the effort. In all it was about 4 miles of running on the hills and 5.5 miles in total (including the recoveries).

After three hard days I can have a rest day tomorrow. I'm continuing to really enjoy the training, I think, even more so because I'm coping so well with the three back to back hard sessions. I'm aiming to start adding a bit of twice a day training after Christmas. Running three or four easy recovery miles before work and then a hard evening session. Hopefully it will allow me to work even harder in those evening sessions.

Finally, only three and a bit days to go until Christmas - Oh bugger, I haven't got a Chimney!

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