Friday, December 08, 2006

Bitton off more than I can chew

Back out with Clive 'Well that was crap I don't know why I bothered' Tucker tomorrow over at Bitton by the railway station. Clive never fails to bring a smile with his boundless enthusiasm and unfailing optimism. Nice one Clive. Just hope the wind and rain keep away.

It's been a one run week for me so far which is probably a good thing. I always try to get back into it too quick after the marathon and end up being pants for a month or more. Hopefully I can force myself to keep taking it easy. I will probably get out a few times next week, even heading out for Mike D's sessions but I won't be running any of them hard. Going to try and mix in lots of bike work which isn't so tough on the running muscles but still gives a good cv workout.

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