Sunday, December 17, 2006

Ashton no questions tell no lies

Up Ashton court this morning. We ran for an hour. Rick, Sean and me too. Gary and Tim put in an extra half hour. Went out of Ashton Court over to the Ashton Plantation, it's a good little run if you enjoy your hills as I do.

It felt easy. I pushed hard on the last couple of hills - just wanted to probe where I'm at. Felt really strong so things are looking good. I've had a slight twinge on my left hip over the last three or four days. I only felt it once today so I'm sure it will be gone in the next day or two. Went down the gym afterwards for an hour on the bike set on high level resistance interval.

I haven't decided what I'm doing tomorrow. Probably just a visit to the gym and some bike and concept II rower work.

I've planned my race schedule for the first part of the year ahead. I'm going to run a 5.4k trail race in early January. I might run the 10k version but definitely not doing the 15k one. Following that will be a short fell type race the following week. It's only two miles but sounds quite steep. It'll certainly be a bit of test on the way back down but fortune favours the brave (or stupid - not sure which category I fall into!). Next up is the Bridge Inn of course at the end of January followed by the Dursley Dozen on the 11th February and then a repeat of the January trail race on the 18th. Up next is the Final Winter Bridge Inn followed by the Tumble fell race on the 3rd March (not sure if it's mandatory to actually take one but knowing me I probably will - a tumble that is). If I'm required for a leg of the 12 Stage Midland road relays then I'll stick that in at the end of March.

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