Saturday, December 09, 2006

Crisp fresh morning run

What more can you ask for? Good running company, a lovely sunny morning and no wind or rain. What a great way to start the day. We went out for our Bitton loop which takes in a couple of hills. Thought I would give it some up the first one to see how the legs were feeling. Went up really well and felt easy, even accelerating towards the top. Don't think the marathon has effected me very much at all. After Aprils marathon I was pants for weeks. This time round I feel fresh and ready to go after just one week of rest. I went down the gym after the run for an hour interval session on the bike. Cranked up to the highest level I normally use and again it was fine. Almost seems to good to be true.

I'm really fired up for training again. A few weeks ago I was ready for a break, just going through the motions before the marathon. Now I feel so ready to train hard again I can't wait. Bring on the speed work for I am ready.

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