Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Body popping

Just finished the Clevedon Boxing day 4 mile race. As ever, greatly enjoyed by all who race and spectate. On the downside I can feel a kind of popping in my left knee as I walk. It's been a bit dodgy over the last few days and I don't know where or when I picked up the niggle but it definitely didn't affect my run and I'm sure it will be alright in a day or two. On the upside I set a new pb by over a minute, 23:15. Further on the downside, I thought I had the beating of Helen today - bol#*cks did I. I was soundly thrashed - oh well - it's not like I've ever beaten her before. Looks like she might remain unbeaten - ho hum. Well done Helen (through gritted teeth). On the upside though, I skinned the Skinner, Pete that is. He's beaten me soundly at the Bridge 5k races all season but I managed to get the upper hand today - Every cloud has a silver lining!

It looked like another big turn out for Clevedon. It never fails to amaze me how many damn fools there are out there that roll out of bed Boxing day morning to go and run 4 miles in the cold. As ever, the crowds were brilliant and this year we even had the luxury of chip timing and instant results - very professional. A big well done to Clevedon AC for great organisation and a great race.

Must add a well done to Clive T, good to see he enjoyed his run. Nice to see him actually smile after a run - a very rare thing I might add. Was it the first time? Answers on a post card to....

Well done to Gareth C. He had a good run today. He was only just behind me and I fear, catching fast.

Graham C had a good run as well, beating his time from last year.

Good to see the Dickinson twins out again, Mark and Matt. First race in a while for the pair of them. Hopefully we will see a bit more of them in the coming year. Sorry I didn't have time to stop and chat at the end - had to shoot.

And finally to Matt R, I'm behinndd yooouuu! - but I recon I'm catching. Don't go looking over your shoulder cause I'm a coming.

God, this has turned into a bloody Oscar style speech - I'll get my coat....

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