Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Fading memories

Clevedon is but a fading memory... Now the hard work begins in earnest (not sure what he's got to do with anything but there it is). I was just outside the top 50 target at Clevedon finishing in 52nd place. In my category (SM) I was 47th but five ladies - I mean women (that's a private joke) beat me. That's close enough for me though.

Reflecting back over my year (running wise) this has been by far the best one ever. I've looked through my records and I've set 13 pb's this year verses six in 2005 and seven in 2004. And of those pb's I've actually knocked off far bigger chunks of time this year as well. I must be approaching my physical limit by now but then again I thought that at the start of this year. Is a seventeen minute 5k possible? I'm not sure but I wouldn't bet against it.

On a final note, the knee is much better today. I've been down the gym for an hour on the bike and the 'popping' is no more.

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