Saturday, December 16, 2006


Felt I needed a rest after my first week back in training. Gave yesterday a miss and I'm giving today a miss as well. I'll be out tomorrow though. I'm still really eager to get quick and looking forward to the Aztec reps on Tuesday.

Had a bit of a computing catastrophe. Unbeknown to me my server had gone crazy and only half of my email had been collected. Didn't realise it was happening until now. Suffice to say it's now sorted (unfortunately in means I have bucket loads of emails to answer). I've had to bring online a new server which has taken me about three days solid work to get going (every self respecting computer geek has to have their own server to serve their internal network don't they?). Anyway, this new one is super charged compared to the old one so hopefully my email won't go missing again. What's even better is I can now do my bit to save the environment because now I only need to take one computer into the shower instead of two! (In the interests of safety please don't take your computer into the shower as electricity and water can be hazardous to health - you have been warned).

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