Monday, December 11, 2006

Bloomin traffic

Got out for a run yesterday with Rick, Heidi and amazingly ....... Harry. Now that doesn't happen every day! We went out for about 45 minutes around and about Ashton Court/Leigh Woods clocking up maybe 10k. Harry seemed to cope fine. I was pretty pleased as well because I didn't feel too bad and even managed to get down the gym again afterwards for another hour on the exercise bike.

I was going down the gym tonight, straight from work, but the traffic was horrendous. I moved about 500m in ten minutes and just gave up and came home instead. I am disappointed because I was looking forward to a good session on the weights but I'm not putting up with an hours drive for one that normally takes ten minutes!

Not sure if I'm going to Coombe Dingle tomorrow. I can't decide if I want to take it easy with the guys from the gym or hard with the MD. Decisions decisions....

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