Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Windy Wednesday

- and no, I'm not talking beans. The home straight was killer, right down the throat of the wind and as we had some longer reps it meant we hit it more times - doh.

We had a good turn out tonight - stop it. Two new lads, Harry and Rory, and the return of another, Matt. Of the regulars we only had Sean so I will be expecting doctors notes from both Harry and Nick next week! Rick couldn't make it either (but he had already excused himself in advance) so I was da Boss, hosting proceedings.

So to the session. We ran three 800's, three 400's and three 200's with 2 minute recoveries. Sean ran 9's, 5's and 3's. He started back from us and chased us down. I think we all had a good session. The times were a bit down on what Rick had planned for us - but the wind really was very strong - honest and we all really put it in on the short reps.

The two new lads seemed keen, they worked hard and seemed to enjoy it (enjoy may not be exactly the right turn of phrase but you get my drift) - I don't think I put them off and hopefully they'll be coming back for more in the coming weeks.

Thought for the day: I'm not cynical. Just experienced.