Sunday, June 10, 2007

It's over now

I hope you've enjoyed my foray into live reporting - it's been hard to fit it in (stop it) - what with my duties as support car one, runner and all round top bloke. I'm now officially hanging - it's been a long weekend. I only managed to grab 4 hours sleep last night - making it a twenty hour day yesterday!

Back to the race. Mike went well on his leg (18) and then Welsh Terry followed that up with 2nd place in the vets race holding off both Southwest and Blackpool to move us into 3rd place overall in the vets race. Then finally, Phil came home 2nd overall on leg20 and clear 1st vet - more importantly he gave us valuable time over Blackpool in the vets race to ensure third place.

Notable results from the weekend;
Sian Monahan, Female Stage Winner
Clive Bromhall, Mountain Stage Vet Winner
Alec Woods, Mountain Stage Vet Winner
Phil Parry, Male Vet Stage Winner
Team Result: 3rd Vet

Well done to all the team for a thoroughly damn good effort.

The 'oap crew' as wot survived down to Cardiff.