Sunday, June 10, 2007

Waiting at the finish

I've arrived at Cardiff Castle and eagerly await the climax of this spectacular festival of running. The atmosphere has been great all week.
As hinted, Sian managed to overhall the two vet teams ahead of her by the finish, finishing 3s ahead of the 2nd vet team - excellent.
Alec 'Wippet' Woods came home first vet on leg 16, only being beaten by the youthful Dan Robinson.
Dave 'Give It Some' Gapper had a cracker on his leg (17), 5th overall and first vet team by a long way.
Dave handed over to Mike Adams on leg18. Don't know anymore but you can guarantee he'll get to the finish.
As we speak Terry 'I'm From Wales' Morgan is running leg19 down to Caerphilly Castle where he will hand over to Phil 'Lightning Fast' Parry to bring the baton home.
After leg 16 we're lying in 4th place in the vets race but with a chance to move up to 2nd if we get a few breaks. After Dave Gappers leg we every chance of moving up.