Sunday, June 17, 2007

Sunday morning

We had a nice big crowd out again. There were seven of us - the magnificent seven - well, maybe not quite that magnificent although there were one or two proper athletes among our ranks. And no, before you ask, I'm not going to name those who qualify for the magnificent category and those that don't. Perhaps, as a group, we were more of the marginally enthusiastic seven.

Anyway, we headed off round Ashton Court and Leigh Woods and managed a decent enough 45 minutes. A couple of the others made it to the full hour but 45 was enough for me. I could definitely feel yesterday's run in my legs but at the end I wasn't in too much distress - I should be good for tomorrow when I shall hopefully try for my 800m hill reps. Then with an easy day on Tuesday I should be all set for some speed work on Wednesday. There, I've said it now, so I can't deviate from the plan now.

Thought for the day: Resistance if futile.