Sunday, June 03, 2007

Getting back to form

It was the morning after the day before and I didn't know what to expect from the LA 10k. It's a hilly one so in theory it should be good for me. However, my left hamstring was tight after yesterday and no amount of warm up or stretching gave any relief. I decided I should run it anyway - in for a penny and all that.

I set off a little too quick but managed to get up the hill in reasonable shape. The hamstring seemed to be holding its own so I tried to push on but there was nothing there. So instead I looked to consolidate. I held it together pretty well and got through to the finish in 40:20 and about 20th place. I was catching the guy in front but, alas, too slowly. I reckon if the race went on for another ten miles I might just have got him!

The course was a little changed from previous years but I think it's still comparable - it's a hard course and the main climb remains the same. I was just over a minute quicker this time round than last year so I have to be pleased with that. I estimate that this course is about two minutes slower, for a forty minute man, than a flat 10k, in which respect, my time compares to about 38:20 on the flat and means I'm getting back to my best.

Well done to Annabel Granger for her first place in the Women's race, followed home by Nicola Brookland.

And on other fronts, the preliminary result of yesterday's Division 5 Match - we won by just 2 points on 193 points from Kidderminster & Stourport on 191. You see, every point counts. For example my PB putt moved me from 5th to 3rd - 2 points. Simon Park's outing over the 400m - an event that is about 200m too long for him - gave us an invaluable 5 points - every little helps.

And what makes the weekend just about the tops - the A Team won the Division 1 Match as well but they ran away with the victory - well maybe not quite running away with it but it wasn't nearly as nail biting as our win - they won by 3 points!!! (234 against Corby's 231)

Thought for the day: Every little helps.