Sunday, June 24, 2007

Easy does it

It was just an easy hour run today - or it was meant to be but Rick took us on a slightly hillier route than I had planned on. I just about managed to stay on the back of the group but if they had gone any quicker then I would have been out the back door - no question.

Onto to next week I have the Bridge Inn 5k on Tuesday and then the Nailsea Festival 10k on Thursday with my usual track session on Wednesday. I'm not sure how quick I will go at either race because I'm not going to ease back on the training. It will be good to see how the longer runs of the last week or so are effecting me. As to race tactics, I think I'll go out quick - when I say quick I really mean towards my PB pace - which sadly isn't that quick - to see how much staying power I have. I'm not going to be disappointed because I'm sure I will fade but it will be good to gauge if I'm feeling any stronger than in the last couple of races. Hopefully I will stay the distance a bit better. I certainly feel stronger.

Thought for the day: The trouble with being punctual is that nobody's there to appreciate