Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Not quite to the plan......

Things didn't quite go to the plan. I got caught up in work things. I had a nice schedule of 'stuff' to do. The first two jobs went OK but once I got to Cheddar things took a turn for the worse - I managed to cock things up a 'bit' but fortunately it all got going again. Then, on my way home, I diverted to Clevedon for another little problem. Suffice to say I ran out of time - but heck, all this talk of work - this isn't running stuff, so I'll shut my gob and get back to proper stuff - can't have two plans going up the wall on the same day!

The way home from Clevedon passes the gym so I decided to head in a put in 45 minutes on the bike by way of recovery instead of a run. I only managed a sandwich for lunch and by six o'clock, without eating much all day I was feeling low on energy so it probably wouldn't have been wise to run, anyway. Although it wasn't the ideal recovery day it was ,never the less, a recovery day of sorts - and at least I managed to 'will' myself to do something - rather than slip towards the lure of 'dark' side by do nothing at all.

Thought for the day: Famous last words - "Hope they've done a thorough risk assessment on those sharp arrows, they could have somebody's eye out" - King Harold, 1066