Wednesday, June 27, 2007


Now I know it was only training but oh what a session. The boyz were well and truly back in town tonight, Sean, Nick, Harry and Rick.

Rick ran five 200's as well as time keeping. Harry ran five 300's in 43/42s and Sean, Nick and I ran five 400's. We had big recovery - and by big we're talking a five minute jogged lap but the aim tonight was to run fast like we've never run before - and we did just that. Nick ran 58's and Sean 59's. Neither believed they would manage all five that quick. Tonight they stepped up.

So how did I do? Well first I'll mention that my PB for the 400m is 65.4s set last year. So, to tonight, I completed the first 400m in 69.2s - not bad considering yesterday's tempo run/race. Next up, lap two in 67.6s - I think we can guess where this is headed.... Then came lap three in 65.8s - agonisingly close.... Then lap four in .... 63.2s - a new PB by over 2s, unofficial of course, but definitely 63.2s as verified by two separate Swiss engineered time pieces - well OK, not exactly Swiss but it was recorded and ratified on two different stop watches. And to prove it was no fluke I forced a 64.1s for the fifth and final effort. My legs were actually hurting with lactic acid in the final 100m, as I pushed myself to the limit. I couldn't peel myself up off the track for a minute or two afterwards (but at least, unlike Nick, my legs didn't have 'tiny little men in them') - but oh what a session - and two laps inside my previous best.

The lads were chuffed with their times as well. They now have a bit more belief in themselves and hopefully they can convert tonight's speed into fast times on the track in the coming young athlete match on the weekend.

Now it's time for a rest before tomorrow's Nailsea 10k. I almost feel euphoric - not quite, but nearly - I don't want to get carried away or anything!

Thought for the day: Money can't buy happiness ... but it can certainly rent it for a while.