Thursday, June 07, 2007

Two days to go

I decided to rest up today ahead of what promises to be a pretty full on weekend at our outing to Wales for the Welsh Castles Relay 2007. I've just had a look back over the last week or so and realised that my plan of concentrating on training for the Berlin Marathon has been a little off skew. In a period of eight days I ran 4 races - so much for easing up on the racing while as I kick the training up a notch. And counting back a little further it's been six races/events in sixteen days - what the hell is wrong with me!!!

Anyway, I'm relaxed now, ahead of the weekend where the overriding factor will definitely have to be .................. put on plenty of sun block - even if it doesn't look sunny - you've only got one skin so don't waste it - probably not exactly true since skin cells keep on growing and shedding your entire life but once the cell's dna is damaged it's pretty much f#@*ed for life.

Thought for the day: Cheese - milk's leap toward immortality.