Thursday, June 28, 2007

Nailsea does it

I was on my best behaviour tonight as I was racing through Dave T and Nick's patch, oh er.

Nick came out to play and together with Rob W, the forgotten member of the boyz - as he pointed out, raced with me - well, more sort of ran away from me - I don't think I smelled, sniff, no - they just weren't able to go as slow as I can - which takes years of careful practice. Graham C has the skill - sorry Graham.

Dave T was marshalling tonight - a most important job without which races like these just wouldn't happen, so cheers Dave. As is normal with the Nailsea RC organised races everything went off without a hitch - the 8k marker was a bit out (7 to 8 was about 200m too long) but apart from that it was another great race and the rain just about held off until the end.

I paced myself quite well, it was a good tempo run with mostly consistent splits, managing to get round slightly quicker than I did at Clevedon, in 38:34 and tonights course was much tougher and the wind really picked up. Again, as on Tuesday, I finished strongly and didn't hurt too much at the finish and I reckon I even made the top twenty - the first time in quite a while - so things are continuing to improve - which is nice.

Rob finished just ahead of me but there was no sign Nick at the finish - I'm guessing he was up in the club house, feet up sipping tea, looking down on us mortals who struggle to get round. He must have been right up at the sharp end.

One final piece off news, I might have myself a run in Cotswold Way Relay on Saturday - the tricky, hilly, long - Leg 2 - I feel more confident of an improved performance....

Thought for the day: Forget the Joneses . . . I can't keep up with the Simpsons!