Monday, June 11, 2007

The next day

Clive T was still buzzing after the Sunday when I spoke to him at work. He's already giving thought to next years campaign. I think all the team, even those muttering 'never again', enjoyed it really. And well done to Clevedon. It's great for them to get the Victory in their 30th Anniversary year. If we couldn't win it (and we couldn't) then there's no other team I'd rather see win it except for maybe GWR who I hold in special esteem.

In terms of the results it was a race of two halves. At the end of day one we were in last place in the vets race (36th overall), 94 minutes behind the leaders and 45 minutes behind the second place team. At the finish we had closed the gap to 55 minutes behind the winners and just 2 minutes behind second place as we finished in 3rd spot (and 17th overall). In terms of overall time we were about 90 minutes quicker than last year. All in all it was a meritous performance by the lads (and lasses).

My other team managed to finish ahead of Westbury but behind Bitton. I only hope I didn't let them down too much with my lacking performance on Saturday. It was just too long a day. I must give some serious thought to the possibility of travelling up on the Friday night next year - if anybody will have me in their team after this years perfomance that is.

I'm still feeling tired today and had to knock off work at half time because the eye lids were drooping but after a hour or two nap I was recharged a bit - but not sufficiently to get out and do any training.

I'm going to give the Clevedon 10k a last minute decision. Sense would suggest I don't run but madness would indicate otherwise.

Thought for the day: That man is the richest whose pleasures are the cheapest.