Sunday, August 19, 2018

Still Sore But The Show Must Go On..

After an enforced rest day yesterday - probably due one anyway, after nine days straight - it was back to the grindstone today. To be fair, my legs are still sore and I thought there was a risk I might fail the session but this was the last day for Academy workout 7 so I let battle commence.

I found the warm up section alright. Didn't really feel the soreness in my legs as I rode but I certainly felt the early burn. What should have been part of the warm up actually felt like it was part of the effort required for the main section - not ideal. The main section was a ten minute interval at 110% of FTP and I didn't think I had any hope of making that grade but you never can tell and it was a really pleasant surprise to make it - and with a strong finish to boot. If anything I was getting stronger as the interval progressed..

My legs don't feel any more sore for the training and I think I'll be soreness free tomorrow. 

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