Thursday, August 23, 2018

Bit Of A Time Trial

I decided to test myself out on the Brierley loop that I ran a few times back in May and June. It all felt better without the need to stop - apart from when the heart rate was hitting the red zone. Felt like I was more running than plodding today. What was telling though, was the heart rate. It was right up at the top end and I think that's telling me something.... REST. I've completed 20 various runs and training sessions during the last 15 days and I think it's just about caught up with me. My resting heart rate is also a little elevated. Oh, and before I forget, I was two minutes quicker on the run which I'm pleased with on the 7.6km loop. 15s per kilometre isn't to be sniffed at...

Anyway, I was intending to follow up the run with a ride but I'm not now. Going to have a couple of rest days tomorrow and Sunday - which fits well with things in the diary. Likely finish the Academy Saturday, workout ten and then perhaps a potter in the hills on Monday - which will be a potter and not a hard effort. That should be enough rest.

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