Thursday, August 16, 2018

Almost Bonked

Well that was a good day. Managed to get my arse out of bed and over to Abergavenny to 'run' over Sugar Loaf, 11.7k with 560m ascent. I won't say it was pretty and I was slow but I was back out there in the hills, my legs burnt and it felt gooooood.

There was no rest for the wicked though and I needed to ride Workout 6 of the Zwift Academy today to keep to the schedule. Now if I'm honest, a hard bike training session after one has run in the hills for the first time in ages, probably isn't the most sensible training plan - but when has that ever stopped me?

So anyway, the hours training session was a solid warm up followed by four 4 minute intervals at 110% FTP with equal recovery. I could feel myself really beginning to bonk on the last couple. I don't think I had much more in me before I would have ground to a halt. Suffice to say I hit the sugar for an instant hit once the session finished to stop me flaking out.

Not sure what is on the cards for tomorrow. It's meant to be another hill run but I think I need to see how I feel tomorrow. I suspect I might be struggling.

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