Friday, August 17, 2018

Sore Legs

So I'm really beginning to start feeling like my mojo is returning. If not for all out running, definitely for getting myself back in shape and I'm getting pretty addicted to working out on the bike. At some point I might even be brave enough to go play in the traffic! - but with the poor standard of driving I witness on a daily basis, I'm probably not that brave... Maybe next year, once I've got myself fit as a butchers chicken, I'll enter one of them proper long distance bike racey things wot proper cycle people do...

My weight is still pretty good, 10st 5lb, and to be fair it's not really fluctuated too much over the last few years - I didn't totally let myself go during the mojoless years - but I'm definitely beginning to feel less flabby. My leg muscles are beginning to feel taught once more, even showing a bit of definition. My strength returns. I might not be ready to break records or even age related pb's but I'm definitely feeling like I'm on way there...

As to today's training, my legs are f*(%ed. Really sore after yesterday but I still managed to complete the third of the four required group rides by way of recovery. An hour at relatively low power output but with my painful legs I kept easing off and falling to the back of the group, almost losing the peloton a couple of times.

Waiting to see what tomorrow brings.

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