Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Not Last and an FTP Increase...

Pleased with that. Oh, and it was another double day starting with a 5k run before work followed by a Zwift race, one of the Academy races, afterwards.

The GPS went a little wonky on this mornings run, measuring 120m less distance than the same run last week. I guess they aren't as accurate as you think... Despite that, I definitely ran the same route as last week but this time a whopping 47s faster - that ain't a bad increase in a week, especially as I'm still cranking out the training without much rest.

This evening I followed up with my first Academy race, one of two required in order to complete the Academy - and get the gold star, lollipop and stickers. A 33km, 5 lapper on the London Classique lap. I'm at the bottom of the power range for category C so I expect to finish towards the rear of the field but that didn't take away from a great race. With a good field in the C class, 100+, it was proper pack riding and racing. Pulling away, getting reeled back in, getting dropped, making the effort to get back on... felt like a proper virtual race [wink].

I was cranking out more power than I've cranked before over the distance and was rewarded with a solid FTP increase from 188 to 195. That's a pretty damn fine increase if I say so myself. I am feeling pretty buoyed. It's chuff inducing to see the training converting to real improvement. 47s quicker on the run this morning and an FTP increase tonight. Does it get any better? - don't answer that. Seriously, don't...

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