Friday, August 03, 2018

Hour In Innsbruck

There's a new route in town, Innsbruck, and it's a replica of parts the upcoming UCI Road World Champs route. Apparently it's been fairly accurately mapped but I wouldn't know one way or the other. It's good to have another set of routes to add to the mix.

Took part in a four lap race on the flatter section of the route after work. The lap had a short, sharp climb followed by a short sprint towards the end. Despite a decently powerful ride, not totally all out but working hard enough, I was thoroughly whooped by the rest of the field. I wasn't last though! Riding pretty even splits, I managed to catch and pass a struggling rider on the last lap. He'd obviously gone off too fast. Having that rabbit to chase meant I worked a little harder, resulting in my fastest lap of the four. It was another decent hour in the saddle.

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