Sunday, July 14, 2013

Top Day Of Chilling

Got a lot done but it was relaxing all the same. First up the morning coffee, and while it brewed in cafetiere I mixed up and kneaded a herb loaf, ready for baking a hour or two later. Then up, after the coffee drinking, was the ritual of the grass cutting - a regular ritual, that one. Then I whipped out my ladder - ooh, no, stop it - and proceeded to fix the guttering down pipe which fell off a few weeks ago due to a rotten wooden baton. Then I paid a visit to the garden centre for a few more large pots to plant out the rosemary and thyme. It's not all good though, the wild strawberries seem to be heading for a fail. They're well behind and not looking good.

My legs are feeling surprisingly achy considering I only ran 12 miles yesterday. I guess that's down to running in the heat. Anyway, I managed a 30 minute loop round the village this evening. The air temperature feels a lot cooler than yesterday but I was still damn melted by the end - doh. Closed out the day with a spot of barbecuing. Mmmmm, smokey - in a good, none burnt, way. I went with steak burgers, sweet corn, mustard glazed onions, roasted chillies and salad - didn't cook the salad on the barby.

I wasn't totally sure about cooking sweet corn on the barbecue but it was possibly the best bit! The smokey flavour with the sweetness of the corn, flippin' delicious. It was difficult to tell when they were cooked though. Using a combination of direct and indirect cooking on the Weber I managed to bring everything together at the right time. I wasn't totally sure the corn was cooked until that first bite - they were done perfic. I've a few more bought burgers to use up but after that I'm looking forward to making my own in a few weeks... And top barbecue tip from a novice, once you've cooked that last piece get out there with the scourer (non-metal), soap and water and give the grate the once over. Only take a few seconds but that quick once over heads off a whole world of pain - I mean cleaning - later. Motto of the day, clean it off while its fresh before it burns on good and proper. Okay, not that catchy...

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