Friday, July 26, 2013

Back In Love With Running

These last few years me and running kind of fell out of love. I never stopped but it felt more like a chore. That's not to say I've not enjoyed the racing but that's about all I have enjoyed. Anyway, these last couple of months I've started to feel differently about my running and I've started to enjoy my pootles through the countryside - and they really are just pootles. It's no longer feeling like a chore.

I spent the morning dilly dallying. I fixed the van windscreen washer pump this morning in preparation for my camping trip. Harvested the last of my potatoes and red onions and then spent the rest of the time sitting in the sun listening to the birds and animals go about their business.

This afternoon I went for a run. I decided to take the footpath that follows Longhope Brook at the end of Mill Lane. Haven't run there for ages - and I didn't get to run there today either! At the end of Mill Lane the footpath was roped off with a Highways notice stating that the footpath is closed! Apparently there was a landslide a year ago which has made it impassable and unsafe. Obviously to someone such as myself I could have no doubt got past without trouble but I obeyed the notice and went around another way.

Looks like it won't be back in action any time soon though. The notice says it's due for re-instatement by November 2013 but it all looked very overgrown so I'm thinking there hasn't been much action on the fixing it front. It's a shame because it was a nice little section under tree cover along by the brook. Anyway, I took the detour past the sewage works - that was pleasant - before re-joining the original route again. I continued along into Flaxley Woods and pootled home.... It was hot out there but never the less very enjoyable.

Going to cook up some of those potatoes from earlier. I'm thinking of doing tuna and tomato bake topped with sliced potato. It'll give me a chance to use some of my cherry tomatoes and basil...

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