Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Third Race In Four Days

I was coaxed out and over to the LCL Road Race tonight. I can't say I ran the fastest I ever have but I tried as hard as ever I can. I decided to start towards the front, go out hard and hang on - and by the end I was really hanging on. It was a pleasant course but I didn't like the hill - especially second time round. Saying that, wasn't really much of a hill to a fell runner but then I don't feel much like a fell runner at the moment. I found it tough going on that second loop.

Anyway, I'm glad I was coaxed out to run. I actually enjoyed the pain of a 'relative' fast pace. According to Strava I clocked a PR mile, kilometre and half mile and 2nd fastest 5k all within the 8.3km race. That says more about how few road races I've recorded with the GPS while on Strava as opposed to actually running any faster of late. Still feeling the new found love of running....

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