Sunday, July 28, 2013

Penny Fan, Nice Lass

This one is going out late on account of that old fashion lady called no reception in the back of beyond. To be fair I wasn't that far out the back, just a mile or two up the road from Dunster in Forestry Commission entrance. I thought being up high might help - fail. Anyway, to the race. The weather held and after a brief speech by the race president we set off. I followed the roman road towards Fan y Big for four fifths of its length before pulling off direct to the summit - ooh matron. My descent back down was pants. I had a stone in my shoe, making it really painful. As the coll neared it seemed to disappear. Happy days - or not. The ascent to Cribyn was okay. I'm not as strong climbing as once I was but held it together. The descent was a totally disaster. That stone hadn't gone and had worked its way into an even more painful position. With hindsight I should have stopped and got it out - but I didn't. A normally strong part of my game was a total flop. Suffice to say on the ascent of Pen y Fan I did stop and take the rock out of my shoe - a case of after the horse has bolted. Once to the summit of PyF it was just a case of keeping things together on the rocky sections of the ridge - which I did. I finished in 1hr 20minutes. I'm happy with that. After all I'm soon to head out on the 20miles of the Seaview 17 so I'll claim I saved a little bit for today. Okay that's a lie but only a small one...

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