Sunday, July 28, 2013

Oh Well, Not So Great

I'll cut to the chase, that was disappointing. I know I'm a little out of sorts fitness wise but come on, when has the Mad Runner ever struggled to raise his game on a double header weekend? This weekend, that's when - boo. God, I was rubbish.

I set off towards the front as if you start too far back you get well scuppered on the single file track. After about 2 miles I knew I was in for a battle. I struggled on even the lowliest of climbs. Not good. Not good at all. I quickly realised this was going to be about finishing the race to keep my record going rather than doing anything special. By the time I reached Porlock Weir I was really struggling. As I ran across the flats towards Bossington Hill I was all for jacking it in. The only thing which stopped me calling it a day is my record of never not finishing a race I've started. I was struggling but by god I was going to get to the end - even if it was going to kill me.

The climb up Bossington Hill was awful. I was grinding ever so slowly to a halt but I eventually reached the summit. All I could think about on the run across the top was, shit, there's still 10k to go. I was dieing on my feet but fortuntely no one came past - until I hit the sea front... As I stuggled along the front a couple of runners came past. There was to be no hanging on to get them back.

To put the icing of an already poor run, as I ran up Seaview - that's the name of the final road- the bloody train crossing barriers came down. There I was, stood, helpless but unable to go any further for an agonising two minutes. As I stood there twiddling my fingers a runner turned the corner and into view behind. I was urging the barriers to lift... and they did while there was still enough gap between me and him to see me home.

Never has buffet lunch been more welcome and the shower was heavenly. With my left achilles feeling sore I decided to call it a day on the camping and came home. It was a really draining race and I'm not going to be capable of much tomorrow. The achilles will probably be fine as I've not really ever been prone to problems on that front but it would be a pisser to have stayed down and then not been able to do anything. Anyway, I had a quick 30 minute nap before making the drive home, fully ready, nee expecting to have to pull over at some point for another recovery nap but it wasn't needed and I finally arrived home safe and sound.

I've still got Monday and Tuesday off so I will see how I feel tomorrow before doing something...

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