Thursday, July 04, 2013

Not A Bad Trot

That's Tintern Trot to you. I reckon I was around 60th in 46 minutes. Okay, that's a long way off 14th from two years ago but then I am a bit rubbish these days... Still I'm happy with my run. I paced it well. I started in the middle order and despite it being like on the start line of the London Marathon, stop, start, stop, start, things soon spaced out. I think it helped me really as it made me run within myself. The first, flat section seems to go on forever and I steadily picked up places - without being over taken too many times. I actually enjoyed the stead climb back and up towards Offa's Dyke. I ran quite strong and gained more positions. I walked the last steep section as I'd have just expended lots of energy for little real gain.

Once on top I pushed along. To be fair to those just in front I was expecting to gain more places than I did. I like the rough, twisty section - and apparantly most of them did too! I charged down the steep section but by then the runners were quite spread out so I didn't gain much. Along the final section back up into the woods I ran quite strongly but still got caught by one runner - wasn't expecting that, so fair play.

I was a little disappointed to have to switch on the after burners for a last gasp 50m sprint. With 250m to go there was no way I could pick the guy ahead so I just cruised in, okay not exactly cruised, but I wasn't pushing. Then all of sudden, crossing the bridge, in sight of the finish, a runner had the cheek to try and over take. I wasn't having that. Mind, you I didn't want to use the after burners, but I don't do losing a place inside 100m. I hit the switch and fire through the finish - and then promptly threw up - nice...

Well done Chepstow. Another fine race and well done to everyone who marshalled etc. I think they had over 200 runners entered which I think might be a record - but don't quote me..

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