Friday, July 19, 2013

Another Long Day

and now it's a case of waiting for the call I don't want to receive. Still not sure whether to run Waun Fach or not. Not sure I can take the heat. I want to race it but then that part of me that says, 'stupid boy, you don't do hot' kicks in.... Late discision called for.

Well I've cancelled my holiday for next Thursday and Friday on account of operational requirements. Will anyone thank me? - that's a negative on that. Have re-booked for the Monday/Tuesday after but that's not quite so convenient and I think I need to change destination. With my entry for the Seaview 17 in for next Sunday I'm now looking to make it an Exmoor weekend break. Travel down Saturday. Race Sunday. Recovery run over Exmoor Monday and home Tuesday...

Anyway, my dinner of tuna pesto (homemade) pasta (not homemade) with fresh as you like tomatoes was nice.

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