Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Dayous Horibilis

Been a bit pants these last 24 hours. Was on the phone to work till 1am this morning. Out to site this morning to fix things and then on the phone till gone 6 this evening. Not going to say anything further. Touching wood - no, you grubby bastards, not that. All that and now Friday ain't happening so I could have gone on holiday tomorrow after all. Might book Friday off - again - as one of my 15 days still left to take for an even longer long weekend and just do f*(% all. It's an option at this stage.

Still hopeing to head over to Trelleck tomorrow night. Be even better if I book Friday off... Looking forward to the Seaview 17 now. Going to just enjoy pootling along the coastal path. Might be a bit of rain according to the forecast but that's not a problem. I won't be taking my phone on the run - happy days.

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