Monday, July 01, 2013

Not Quite The Full Rest Day I Was Hoping For...

The phone went off at 6:13am this morning. Duty bound, as I am, I called back - as by the time I'd woken and got over to the phone they'd rung off. My colleague got the problem sorted but by then it was gone eight. Back to the rest day I didn't feel tired anymore so I set about a bit of gardeny stuff. Potting on the sage plant into its planter and planting out a 'plant' - don't ask me what it is - into an empty spot in the front border. Then it was over to the sofa for a spot of looking at the inside of my eyelids... I got in an hour before the postie woke me. Grrrrrr.

Next up, I went for a 45 minute jog around Flaxley wood before heading into the kitchen to make an Irish soda 'cake'. I used eggs and butter and that makes it a soda 'cake' and not bread - apparently. Finished the day with a firery hot tuna pesto pasta. I used the walnut pesto today and accompanied it with a glass of red - back of the net. I think I might be looking at the inside of my eyelids very shortly.

Tomorrow I'm hoping to get across to Chepstow to continue my running resurgence. Up Thursday should be the Tintern Trot....

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