Monday, July 29, 2013

So Lazy

Despite feeling pretty wrecked at the finish of the Seaview 17 I don't feel too achy today. It was bloody nice not to have to get up at six - so I got up at nine instead - result. That was earlier than planned and only to feed the damn cat who was squeaking at me for breakfast. Bloody women! If she hadn't bugged me I could have lay there all morning - and possibly into the afternoon....

Having got up I brewed a coffee and ate authentic muesli - Alpen is costly but good - while studying the route and stages for Chepstow's Offa's Dyke Relay. I'm not fit enough to run as much of it as previously planned - Sunday proved that. Instead I want to try and run 20-25 miles each day, split into a morning and afternoon session. For the rest of the day I generally pottered in the garden - between showers - and around the house, catching up on the chores.

The achilles is tight today but not sore. I put in a bike session while the rains poured. Tomorrow I want to get out for an easy hour on foot provided the achilles feels okay.

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