Sunday, July 21, 2013

Revenge Against The Brambles

I headed back out to Flaxley Woods this morning. Armed with my trusty hand scythe it was time to take my revenge. Legs still smarting from all those cuts yesterday, I jogged up the gentle slope and entered the woods..

As I ran, I took aim at any big brambles, reaching forth from the undergrowth to block my path. Swish, take down. I ran the clockwise loop around the woods today and for the first time, found the lower eastern path through Hope Wood. I've seen it on the map just never found it on the ground so to speak. I know why I've never found it though, I always thought it was a little further north than it actually is - that probably makes no sense but I know what I mean. Anyway, looking round for brambles - as you do - I spotted the path and took it.

The path misses out a small amount of climb but is far more picturesque and pleasant to run than the main forestry path. More importantly it was beginning to get overgrown and I wasn't havin' any of that nonsense. Swish, swish, swish. Die bramble, die. It wasn't exactly quick running but it was good to know I'll be keeping the path clear for the future.

I was out there a fair old time considering I only ran about 6 miles but I was expending a lot of energy and much of it wasn't on the running. Eventually I reached the exit of the woods and headed home. I finished off the days training with an hour out and about on the bike. I didn't go fast but I enjoyed it. I only stayed local but it was good all the same.  

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