Friday, July 12, 2013

Ahhh, It's Friday

Been another stonkin' hot one. Mentally preparing for an even hotter one tomorrow. Still a little torn. Do I go run Pen-y-Fan? or something local and longer? The trip across is going to be 90 minutes of basting in my own juices. If I stay over then it's going to be an afternoon, evening and morning of sticky heat on top of the fact I will be a melted, sweaty bastard after having raced to the top of Pen-y-fan and back. Even if I head home after the race that'll be another 90 minging minutes. That all sounds a little uncomfortable. After a full week at work I think I might just stay local. I won't decide until tomorrow first thing. If I am home tomorrow evening then I'm thinking it'll be a fine night for firing up the barbecue again.... looking out a tasty marinade for those steak burgers

Sitting out front tonight taking in the view and listening to the birds and wildlife - the sheep are quieter tonight. I think they got the message when I pinned the charcoal bag to the gate...

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