Thursday, July 19, 2012


Well, having made it to work Tuesday, I had a bit of relapse overnight. By the morning I was back to square one - bugger. In response to that, the results finally came back from the docs - so they didn't get lost after all, they just sent them on the slow boat to China and back - I have been infected with the campylobacter bacteria. Cue antibiotics to hopefully mop things up.

I'm feeling better again today. In myself I feel normal but my appetite is still low and I'm conscious of needing to plan my trips out carefully - if you get my drift. Am hoping the antibiotics will kick in quickly and turn things around because I am stir crazy.

Not sure how to plan the resumption of training. I'm going to put together a schedule on the assumption that I am going to have lost lots of fitness and that I'll have to build from very low mileage up. Hopefully my fitness will come back quite quickly but I'm not going to stress overly. I'll be back when I'm back and enjoy the journey as it unfolds.

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