Monday, July 09, 2012

Recurring Nightmare

I had a terrible night's sleep. I kept getting this recurring nightmare that someone is telling me to 'run this bit'... Seriously though, I do feel a little off today. A very distant nausea sitting there in the background. That and the feeling of exhaustion and as the day has gone on I now feel a little chilly with just a small portion of the shivers thrown in for good measure. To top that off, my lie in this morning was very rudely interrupted by munching, crunching and slurping sounds coming from under the bed. To which I discovered the cat halfway through eating a bloody rabbit - totally gross. She seems to like the taste of rabbit - although from the looks of it, she doesn't like the ears. Well there was no going back to bed after clearing that mess up. Thin ice I tells ya, the cat is on thin ice...

Back to the running, I've plotted, as best I can, our route from the weekends Saunders. As you can see it turns out we ran a fair amount more than the course description's 48km, weighing in at a healthy 60km in total (37miles). This isn't altogether surprising because I'm pretty sure the course planner maps it straight point to point.

Altitude wise we weren't far off the planners estimate with day one bang on while we appear to have added an extra 400m on day two. Could have done without that but I don't see how we could have reduced it without taking a stupidly long route to control 4. A mystery I tells ya. My estimate on the total ascent over the two days is 3,400m (11,200feet).

It's not just about the stats though. The terrain was so rough in places that walking was difficult, running impossible - come on Dave, we can run this bit - grrrh. Boggy sections. Rocky sections. Tussocky sections. You name, it we crossed it. With terrain like that and the stats as they were it's not surprising I feel absolutely shattered today.

Day 1 - 34km (21mi) and  2,080m (6,800ft) of ascent

Day 2 - 26km (16mi) and  1,300m (4,400ft) of ascent

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