Thursday, July 05, 2012

Kit Packed

Well almost. I've checked it all fits. It does but it's a squeeze. Total weight is going to be in the region 14lbs or 6.4kg for those working in SI units!!! Can't see how I can get it any lighter. I've pretty much included only the compulsory kit and most of that is close to being as light as it gets. Can't believe how bulky it all is. I can't squash the tent or sleeping bag down any smaller. The only other bits of kit I need to improve on is a lighter jacket and over-trousers but too be fair, they aren't exactly bulky or heavy as they stand. They have to be water proof so they're always going to have a bit of bulk to them.

I think I'm all set apart from working out exactly how many gels and bars to take. Been giving it deep thought but still haven't decided on quantities. Does one an hour for twelve hours on foot over the two days sound right? A couple extra for good measure? Still seems like a lot of extra weight. Definitely don't want to run empty though, that would be a disaster...

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Anonymous said...

Saunders MM - enjoy it, great atmosphere over night - as long as it doesn't rain. I'll be checking the results. Rick

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