Saturday, July 28, 2012

Lazy Bastard

Yep, that's me. Suffice to say I did not get up in time to run the Park Run. Instead I headed out for the Hobbs Quarry/Blaisdon Loop weighing in at around 11km with 800ft of ascent. It felt better out there today. I managed to run further up the first climb than I did on Tuesday and over all the pace was better. Add to the fact that I didn't feel quite so leaden. All in all a better run and I feel like things are starting to improve.

With all the wet weather and now the sun the woodland paths around here are really starting get overgrown. With that in mind I took my hand scythe out with me today - and I needed it. Cue lots of swishing as I cut a swath through the nettles and brambles. Suffice to say the paths through the Hobbs Quarry and Blaisdon wood are now much clearer.

Back home I hopped on the bike for an hour to finish off while watching the finish to the Olympic road race. I have to say the quality of the timing information was sadly lacking. If that's the best Omega can do we're in trouble for the athletics. It would have been much more exciting to monitor the size of the gaps between the groups of riders as things ebbed and flowed. Oh well, I suppose they did only have seven years to plan it... Perhaps they'll let ITV and the Tour de France production team run the show for the women's race tomorrow. Anyway, going to try and stick to the plan for tomorrow and run the Longhope Loop...

Today's run, 11km, 800ft ascent...

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