Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Another Run...

and an hour on the bike. It was sweltering out there and I didst sweat most profusely. Drip drip drip. Not nice. I reckon I need about an hour to cool down.

Anyway, after work I hoped aboard the bike for an hour as I caught up on the days news - as you do. Then, giving myself a fifteen minute breather, I headed out for my 5k Hobbs Quarry loop. Like Sunday's run, it takes in a total of about 400ft of ascent - and like Sunday I had to stop on the steepest bit, the sun beating down on my back as I struggled.

Under the cover of the woods, the heat wasn't so invasive and it was quite pleasant running - apart from the millions of flies. After a loop of the Quarry it was back into the heat for the final dash back home - although the use of the word dash might be reportable under the trades description act.

I'm pleased with myself for getting out there but it's quite disheartening to feel - and actually be - so sluggish. It really can only get better. Hopefully Martin and I can get out for a lunch run tomorrow although I don't think I'll be capable of the Dundry loop...

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