Thursday, July 26, 2012

Delayed A Day

Yesterday's lunch run didn't happen - so we did it today instead. Martin and I headed out for the Malago loop rather than the Dundry loop - mainly on account of the fact that there was sod all chance I would get over the top without stopping - not to mention an outside chance of cardiac arrest.

Anyway, we set out just after midday - why is lunch break scheduled for that bloody stupid time of day? It was so hot out there the roads were melting!

It all started very slowly and I managed, with great effort, to get slower and slower over the course of the next thirty minutes. The inclines, and they really aren't much on the Malago loop, reduced me to a crawl but I didn't stop. Martin kept himself just ahead, his silky smooth running goading me to keep forcing things along as best I could - the sod. If he'd gone on like normal I could've taken a short cut on the way back and ended the agony sooner. As it was he made me run the full loop and, by the finish, I was totally disconbobulated.

I am glad he forced me round though. The achievement of completing the full loop - and still being alive - gave me a good feeling. We were round in 33:30 which compares to a fast time of around 31:00. I was quite surprised to be as quick as that really but I can see I have a long long road ahead of me...

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