Wednesday, July 04, 2012

Pre Flight Checks

I've been trying to work out just how the f*$% I was going to fit my Tera Nova Laser tent into my Innov-8 Race Elite 25L rucksack. It's length - stop it - was immense. Weren't never going to fit, I tells yer. Yes, it's light but far too long - I said stop it. Far too long, that is, until I realised the end poles broke down into two bits - doh, school boy error. In my defense it came in a long carry bag with those end poles pre configured and each time I've used it before I've had no reason to question. It's only when you come to pack it in to a small space you realise the problem. Anyway, it's all solved now.

I've got my kit list written. All the compulsory kit it present and correct. I've picked out my lightest kit out but worry if I should limit myself to the compulsory kit alone. Do I take an extra layer? It's looking likely the weather is going to be shit - but how cold will it be? Obviously I don't want to end up carrying extra baggage. The other conundrum is just how much food to take. I'm looking to gels and high energy bars for my main fuel but how many do I take? Each one is quite light but collectively could add up. It's going to be critical to keep fueled but I don't want to end up finishing with a bucket load left in the bag. I think I'll take more than I need and seek advice on how many to carry from my much more experienced peers - even the ones that can't follow way markers...

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