Sunday, July 29, 2012

How Depressing Is Britain?

Where ever you look there are fat cat bankers milking us for every penny. Insurance companies 'avin a laugh. Solicitors trying to get rich off the back of the fat cat bankers, aiming themselves for a massive cut of your ppi claim. Other solictors looking to remove the word accident from the Oxford English dictionary - there's no such thing as an accident anymore - or so it was seem... Then of course we have all those grubby legal loan sharks charging you interest at rates upwards of a thousand percent on your payday loan. Next up in the firing line all those online betting ads, urging you to blow the money you haven't got - and then take out a payday loan with their mates down the road.. Oh, and finally, all those bloody online bingo companies. If you take away the social element of bingo don't you just end up with something totally sad? Not to mention needing to get back to those sharks again after you fail to shout 'house' and lose all your cash. A sad state of affairs...

Anyway, back to the training front. I didn't quite hit my Longhope loop target - on account of the thunder and lightening. I couldn't wait for the weather to clear - which it actually did in the end but by then I had already put in 90 minutes on the bike. So, rather than the Longhope Loop I ran the Hobbs Loop instead. All in all I don't feel too bad for not having stuck to the plan. Today's training still felt pretty good.

Update: Just back from the run and it was my most positive one to date - you may note that I so say had already run but I hadn't and I wrote the post while I was on the bike, to give me the motivation to carry through with the threat. I'm glad I did. I chose to run up the main hill on the edge of the village - and I ran the whole way. In fact, I actually pushed as I neared the top. Then I pushed all the way along the Quarry before cruising down the hill on the far side and holding form down the main street back home. I'm pleased with how things are going and am beginning to see a small glimmer of light at the end of the tunnel...

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