Saturday, May 26, 2012

Ready To Raid

Well I didn't exactly make it across to the Parkrun this morning. The alarm clock sounded but I didn't get up. I felt knackered and flogging myself around the woodland 5k wouldn't result in a fast time plus I'd probably be even more tired tomorrow. Not that I really thought about all that at the time. I just hit the off button, put my head down and nodded back off to the blissful land of sleep.

After the failure to rise I decided to take it easy today. It was an omen I didn't want to risk ignoring. I have a feeling it's going to be hard going tomorrow in the heat. A nice easy day milling around the house and grounds it was then. Did a little gardening. Did a little tidying. A little of this. A little of that and the most important thing, I got all my kit up together for tomorrow's Rack Raid Relays. I've studied the route of stage six, Monmouth to Raglan - I'm not running it, I just liked the look it - just kidding, no I am running it. I'm aiming to run 4:15 kilometres. Not sure I'm quite capable of that pace right now so I will gauge things in the first few k's. I'm upping the pace based on my recent-ish Forest Half where I ran on knackered legs.

So, I've read the rules and regulation. I've got a full water butt. A veritable plethora of cups. The sun block is set to max and I'm wearing sun glasses. Hit it...

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