Monday, May 21, 2012

Day Ten

Hang on, what about day nine? No, I didn't miss it out - but I did amend the plan on account that I thought work stuff was headed south and I thought I'd best not stray too far from the phone. So it was two hours on the bike waiting for the call... As things turned out I shouldn't have fretted and I shoulda' gone for my run - hell, I'm like an old woman - no disrespect to old women intended. Oh well.

Resting tonight. I've decided I will get across the 'Bridge' tomorrow for the LCL Caerleon race come hell or high water. It's about 10k and last year I managed a poor 40:51. Will I beat that time this year? I bloody hope so - not sure I will though. I'll go at it hard - ooh, stop it, matron.. No point in hanging back. I know I've the strength to hang on past the point I'm knackered. It's about time I took another one for the team. Time to race myself fit. Tomorrow I race...

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