Saturday, May 12, 2012

14 Days

That's how long I have to get my lardy, fat arse - with complimentary love handles - back into shape for the Rack Raid Relays. This Mad Runner doesn't do 'letting the team down'. First off, I needed to measure just how bad things had got? So this afternoon I ran my Flaxley timed loop. I ran steady. Not too all out but more than a jog. It was really pretty in the woods - if I can say that without sounding too gay. Everything is kicking into life. Bluebells. Other stuff wot I don't know and the aroma of wild onions hanging in the air. Best of all, not another soul. I think I can almost remember what it is about running that I so enjoy...

Surprisingly I was round the 9km loop with 800 feet of ascent in just outside 45 minutes. That was towards my faster times so perhaps I've not gone as far downhill as I felt I had - the love handles would suggest otherwise though... Next up, an hour on the bike to pen this post, work out some goals and plan my training. Going to approach things as a series of target races with the ultimate goal of the Offa's Dyke in September - providing the training goes sufficiently well.

As in golf, I'm just going to focus on the next shot - or in the case of running, the next race - and forget what's gone before and what's to come after. The next race gets my focus. To that approach, I'm already breaking my own rules as my initial three week plan is going to be designed around the Rack Raid Relays with Chepstow in fourteen days and then Ennerdale the week after.

It starts now...

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